All the wisdom to live your
best life is already inside you.

Join a community experience to connect deeply with yourself and rediscover what matters to you.

Your story changes everything.

We all struggle. We experience emotions that overwhelm us. We have inner critics pointing out our imperfections. We may feel stuck or disconnected. And what makes that struggle so much harder is the story we tell ourselves that we are in this alone.

Our unlikely path to self-exploration will lead you to learn and grow alongside people you might not have otherwise met but who often help you feel more understood than ever before. Hearing from others in a fun, collaborative format can help you reframe self-defeating judgments and embrace your whole story in new ways to help you live more fully and connect deeply with yourself and others.

“It was so good to feel connected with others and connect with my inner self.”
“It's a space to have a heart-level conversation, that can prompt you to step into a richer, more resilient life.”
“My favorite part of each is that spark, that moment when everyone has an insight and then suddenly feels the power of being in it together.”
“I didn't know what to expect, but it was the most authentic and powerful Zoom I've ever been on.”
“So deep and so uplifting to connect with people we had not met before. Brilliant!”
“I am changing and liking myself and my reactions to others so much better. You opened a whole new world.”

It all starts with an
unlikely conversation.

Guided by a facilitator, we gather weekly to explore meaningful questions, discuss concepts and principles for pursuing and maintaining a more connected and fulfilling life, and learn practical tools to help us on our way.

You will be encouraged to "try on" new perspectives, question how you think about yourself and others, build habits that support emotional health and well-being, strengthen your relationships, and boost your capacity for more expansive ways of showing up in the world.

How It Works

There is currently no cost to join an Unlikely Conversations experience. As we grow we continue to learn how to craft the best experiences possible for our community. We appreciate you being an unlikely pioneer and joining us at the beginning of this journey. Our goal is to create a paid product within the next few months based on what we've learned.

Choose a time that fits your schedule.

We provide flexible timing options to join us every week so you can make Unlikely Conversations part of your routine.

We make it easy.

We gather weekly on Zoom® for 60 minutes. You are welcome to join and just listen. Share only when you're ready.

Learn and grow with others.

Discover the surprising strength, peace, and energy found in permitting yourself to be vulnerable, open, and accepting.

Join our next session.

Rooted in Humanness,
Guided By Professionals

In every Conversation, our facilitators bring authenticity, vulnerability and expertise across a variety of modalities and fields including positive psychology, mindfulness, personal transformation, and executive coaching. Our diverse team crafts a welcoming space for all who join the Unlikely community. Throughout each session they dig in with you, guiding the journey of collaboration, introspection and story sharing that challenge your perceptions and invite you to embrace different perspectives, to help you express your truths, strengthen your confidence, and nurture your compassion.

James Reeves

James is the lead teacher and co-founder of Restful Being, a school that shares a variety of philosophies that focus on how to find and sustain a deep stillness and restfulness in one's life. He travels the world teaching these philosophies through the practice of Yoga Nidra (deep rest) and meditation, all as a means to surrender and be still. James also co-authored the Book Of Rest with Gabrielle Brown, an exploration into these teachings and a handbook for finding stillness in everyday life.

Tiffany French

-celebrated for her facilitation skills amongst Fortune 500 companies, Tiffany loves witnessing the transformation that comes from collaborative interaction. As a Leader of Training and Development at Landmark Worldwide, and the creator of the Culture and Product Learning curriculum for lululemon, Tiffany empowers people to create their life by shaping their thinking and speaking in a way that makes a profound and lasting difference.

Niambi Jaha-Echols

As a Transformation Advocate, Niambi leads retreats that help people understand who they really are, release negative emotions, and discover our universal oneness. Founder of The Butterfly Movement, Niambi has been recognized by the State of Illinois and Essence Magazine as a woman who is "shaping the world." She has written three books—two to empower Black girls and women, and the latest in service to humanity.

Caro Hart

Caro has worked in the leadership and organizational development field for over 20 years where she has designed workshops, trained teachers, led organizational culture change processes, and facilitated company-wide strategic planning processes. Caro has a passion for helping people align their work to what is most meaningful to them, and helping teams become more effective in how they work together. She also loves to travel, a good Iyengar yoga class, and walking her dog on a sunny morning.

Quentin Finney

After serving 14 years in the Marine Corps, Quentin hung up his uniform to pursue mindfulness work. He discovered meditation while dealing with insomnia at an early age, and is now an internationally certified mindfulness instructor, leadership development facilitator and executive coach in the tech sector.

Robert Mack

As a leader in Applied Positive Psychology, Robert helps individuals and organizations achieve a balance of authentic personal happiness and professional success. He coaches people from all walks of life—including professional athletes, entertainers, senior executives, and everyday people alike.

Jenna Hills

Jenna Hills has spent 17 years of her career designing and facilitating leadership development programming to empower people to connect with their purpose and access their full potential. She is a founding member of Lululemon's Training and Culture department, where she focused on organizational development and helped grow the company from four to 300 stores internationally. Jenna is currently an Executive Coach, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga educator, and sits on the Baptiste Foundation board.

Kriste Peoples

Through Kriste’s work in the fields of spirituality, neuroscience, and personal development, she has collaborated with some of the most insightful thought leaders of our time. As a trail running coach and teacher of mindfulness and meditation, she's engaged in an ongoing exploration and practice of stillness and movement, mining the unseen, rich, and magnificently messy terrain of the human experience.

Unlikely Conversations is a communal self-exploration experience created by Unlikely Collaborators.